Fundaztic Mobile App Review

I installed this app on the same day as Funding Societies Malaysia app. I have known the existence of this app but did not find it necessary till I need it. Fundaztic mobile app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. I am using the Android version.


The interface is almost like the website and I will say that there is no element of surprise. There are four buttons on the bottom of screen. They are Home, Invest, My Home and Get Funds. Upon opening the app, we are brought to the Home page. I will go through the pages now.


This page shows the STATISTICS of Fundaztic and AVAILABLE NOTES (only Note ID, Interest and Amount are shown here). We can also change the language of the app here. There are only Chinese and English for the time being.


The details of notes are shown here. When we click on a note, more information is shown beneath the note.

My Home

This is the login page. The process is exactly the same as the website where we have to key in email, password and verification code. After signing in, we will be in the homepage. In this view, the user’s name is on the top of the page. We can see our account balance here. Topping up and withdrawal functions are available too.

There are nine options in the bottom table on this page. These options are My Investments, Top Up Records, Withdrawal Records, My Cart, Fundaztic Bonus, Transaction Details, My Profile, Invite Friends and Smart Invest. I think the names are quite straightforward, so I am not going to talk about them.

Logout can also be done in this page.

Get Funds

This page is inaccessible to individual investor.

Missing feature

For me, there is only one thing missing from this app. The Notes Status in My Home Page of the website is not available in the mobile app. In the Notes Status, there are seven categories. We can see the number of notes and remaining principal in each repayment status. However, if we want to know the status of notes in the app, we have to go to My Investments > Notes Funded and use the filter function to check.


Other than the minor missing feature that I mentioned above, I think all important functions are included in this app. Fundaztic mobile app can be used as a substitute for the website. However, I do feel that there are some overlapping features and the interface can be improved so that it is more user-friendly.

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