Rakuten Trade Mobile App: iSPEED.my

I principally use Rakuten Trade web platform for my trading. However, once in a while, I use its mobile trading app when I do not have access to computer. This mobile app is known as iSPEED.my. it is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Once we log in, we will land on the Market page. There are a few icons at the bottom of the screen and these are Market, Search, WatchList, Order, My Account and Menu.

On the Market page, there are Indices, Currencies, News and Movers on the top. We can switch between the tabs to look at the information. The Movers tab requires login, thus only Rakuten Trade users can access the information here.

The Search page allows us to look for stock on Bursa Malaysia.

WatchList is what the name says. However, it requires login to register a stock in the WatchList.

Order also requires login. On the order page, we can buy and sell stocks. We can also check our orders and trade history here.

My Account definitely needs login. On the My Account page, we can see the value of our cash, shares and trading limit. We can also access our portfolio through this page.

On the Menu page, there are a lot of buttons. I will not elaborate it here. The buttons are grouped into Notification, Market, Search, WatchList, Rakuten Trade Information, Order, My Account and Rakuten Trade Web Links. Some of these requires login to access.

The above is the rough idea of how iSPEED.my looks like.

My experience

Honestly, I prefer the web platform. For me, this mobile app is a bit harder to use. Maybe I am too used to the web platform. Primarily, I use this app to trade when I am away from home. The trades were executed perfectly and I did not encounter any problem when using the app to trade. It is only that I could not access everything that I want from the app such as tracking of cash movements, stock screener and statements.


iSPEED.my represents a convenient option to trade for Rakuten Trade users. The buy and sell functions are easy to use and serve the purpose well. However, I think only the web platform has the full functionality of Rakuten Trade. Thus, I am still going to use the web platform as my primary trading platform instead of iSPEED.my.

As I seldom use this app, do correct me if you find any mistake in the comments section below.

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  1. Grace

    Hi i am currently using ispeed, trading u.s. stocks. But i found that i cannot find any u.s. spac from ispeed. Is it only me? Or is it ispeed? Do you have any idea about this?

    1. Post

      Hi, Grace.

      The iSPEED.my that I use has only Malaysian stocks. I am not too sure about the iSPEED that you use to trade US stocks. Are you using the app from Japan?

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