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How do we select a mutual fund to invest in? By drawing lot? Pinning the list of funds on a board and throw darts to choose? Depending on which school of thought you subscribe to, the aforementioned methods might be the correct things to do. Nonetheless, I personally do not select my fund this way. Here, I will introduce you to a fund screener.

As you might have already known, I bought all my mutual funds from Fundsupermart (Link). So, the screener that I am using is also from this platform.

The fund screener

The screener is known as Funds Selector (Link). There are 14 options in this screener. These include Fund Managers, Private Retirement Schemes (PRS) Providers, Risk Ratings, Main Categories, Specialist Sectors, Geographical Sectors, EPF Approved Funds, Income Distribution Funds, Funds with redemption fee, Funds with platform fee, Currency, Shariah Compliant Funds, Wholesale Funds and I want to view.

Since there are so many criteria, I shall let you know the ones that I do not use first. Fund Managers, Risk Ratings, EPF Approved Funds, Income Distribution Funds, Funds with redemption fee, Funds with platform fee, Currency, Shariah Compliant Funds, Wholesale Funds and I want to view. These are the criteria that I usually leave them as default.

Now, let’s go through the other options one by one.

Private Retirement Schemes (PRS) Providers

This criterion is only used when I want to look for PRS fund to invest. I will change the selection from All to All PRS Providers Only. Then, click Generate Table button. We will see a table with all PRS funds available on the platform. In other circumstances, I will leave it as default.

Main Categories

This is the asset class of the fund. The options are Mixed Asset, Equity, Balanced, Fixed Income, Money Market and Alternative Investments. Select the asset class that you are interested in. Otherwise, just leave it as default.

Specialist Sectors

As its name suggests, this is where we select for a particular sector. There is a total of 22 sectors. As usual, choose the one that you have interest or leave it as default.

Geographical Sectors

This criterion allows us to select country of interest. There are 25 options to choose from.


Above are the summaries of the criteria that I often use. You can always mix and match the criteria. It is all up to you.

After we click the Generate Table button, we will go to the result page. The table is known as the Performance Table (Annualised). This table arranges the funds in alphabetical order (A – Z). We can sort them according to Fund Name, Risk Rating, 3 Year Sharpe Ratio, their periodical returns and 3 yr Volatility. You just need to click the up down arrows of the column.

We can also get the Performance Table (Calendar Year) and Funds Info Table. At the right corner on top of the table, we have these tabs to click. If we click the Performance Table (Calendar Year) tab, we will get the performance data based on specific years. Again, we can sort them by clicking the up down arrows available in some columns. On the other hand, the Funds Info Table provides us some important information about the funds such as annual expense ratio, fund size, historical income distribution, minimum investment amount, links to prospectus, fund factsheet and fees.  We can also sort the funds on certain criterion.


This fund screener is a good tool to filter mutual funds. Nonetheless, it only includes funds that are available on this platform. We cannot use it to screen all mutual funds available in Malaysia.

Do you have a favourite mutual fund screener? Please share with us in the comments section below.


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