MYTHEO vs StashAway 2023 Performance Review

mytheo vs stashaway 2023

This is a comparison between the latest returns of my two robo-advisors, MYTHEO and StashAway. For the performance of the previous year, you can refer to this article.

The returns are as on 31 October 2023. Contrary to previous years, I am not going to list the exchange traded funds (ETFs) in my portfolios.


Based on the platform data, my total return from MYTHEO is 6.39% (2022: 3.08%) in MYR and – 4.02% (2022: -7.62%) in USD. I am going to use internal rate of return (IRR) to compute my annualised return. Since October 2019, my return (MYR) is 3.47% per annum (2022: 2.82%).

The asset allocation of my portfolio has changed slightly since my previous review, which is now 64% growth (2022: 64%), 23% income (20%), and 13% inflation hedge (16%).


The return from StashAway is a bit weird. My money-weighted return is 8.46% (2022: -4.85%) in MYR and – 10.59% (2022: -23.66%) in USD, according to the platform. My own calculation shows that my total return is only 4.17% (2022: -2.46%) in MYR and -5.50% in USD. Using IRR, my return (MYR) since May 2020 is 2.35% per annum.

The current allocation of my portfolio on StashAway is 98.79% ETFs (2022: 98.77%) and 1.21% cash (1.23%). The allocation is as follows: aggregate bonds (18.16%), cash equivalents (11.59%), government bonds (7.54%), global equities (26.92%), commodities (9.75%), corporate bonds (7.04%), US equities (17.79%), and cash (1.21%).


I have tabulated the returns from these two robo-advisors below.

PlatformMYR Total ReturnUSD Total ReturnMYR Annualised Return

Due to the appreciation of USD, although both portfolios suffered loss in USD, the total returns in MYR are still positive. The performance of MYTHEO is again better than StashAway. I think there is enough evidence to show that MYTHEO is the better choice. MYTHEO has outperformed StashAway for three consecutive years. Thus, I am going to close my account with StashAway. MYTHEO will be my only robo-advisor from now on.

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