October 2023 Market Review

october 2023 market review

Market condition

KLCI advanced by 1.26% to 1,442.14.

S&P500 continued its decline to 4,193.80. It is a decrease of 2.20%.

My view: Finally KLCI outshined

Contrary to my expectation, KLCI did not decline. On the other hand, S&P500 continued to decline as expected, albeit at a lower rate.

In November, I think I will still focus on the US market. As I do not have much fund left for the local market, I do not think I will make any transaction, unless there is a real bargain.

Transactions done

1. EIDO: BOUGHT some at $22.25, $21.85 & $20.96.

2. LAND: BOUGHT some at $13.80.

3. BKLN: BOUGHT some at $20.85 & $20.84.

4. MYEG: BOUGHT some at RM 0.78.

Dividend received

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not a recommendation to buy or to sell financial instruments nor an offer to buy or sell financial instruments. 

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