My Preferred Stock Screener 2: Rakuten Trade Stock Screener

Financial Times (FT) Equity Screener is my preferred stock screener. Nonetheless, recently I have found another equally good stock screener. It is Rakuten Trade Stock Screener.


Criterion to use

To be able to use this screener, we must have an account with Rakuten Trade (Link). If you do not have an account yet, I strongly recommend you to open an account on this platform. Why? You can refer to my post about Rakuten Trade.


Predefined screening strategies

Once you are able to access this stock screener, you will see that there are six predefined screening strategies by Rakuten Trade.

1. All stocks: showing all stocks available in Bursa Malaysia.

2. High growth companies: using total asset equity ratio, return on assets (ROA), operating margin five-year growth rate (estimate), and price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio as its criteria.

3. Growing companies: its criteria are total asset equity ratio, pretax profit growth rate versus last year, pretax profit growth rate versus third last year, pretax profit growth rate versus same quarter of last year and P/E ratio.

4. Financial healthy and low PBR companies: uses total asset equity ratio, overseas sales ratio, revenue three-year growth rate (estimate) and price-to-book ratio (PBR) as its criteria.

5. High dividend companies: the three criteria are dividend yield (DY), return on equity (ROE) and market capitalisation.

6. Growth and sound fundamental companies: employs pretax margin, P/E ratio, ROE and revenue growth rate vs last year.


Individualised strategies

If the above preset screens are not suitable, we can always set our own. We can set up a maximum of six screening strategies. There are six filters to specify.

1. Stock Type

2. Scale

3. Investment Amount

4. Sectors

5. Consensus Rating

6. Selected Criteria

Of these six filters, I only adjust the Selected Criteria. We can select up to five criteria from a list of 69 items. These items are divided into financial, estimate, price related and technical analysis indicators.

Once we have finished setting up a screen, we can give it a name and save it. When we come to this page next time, it will be in the Predefined Screening Strategies section. We just have to click it and the results will be shown.


My Rakuten Trade Stock Screener

Currently I have two screening strategies on this platform. The first uses only two criteria, ROA (minimum 25) and P/E ratio (without minimum and maximum value). This is in accordance with The Little Book That Still Beats the Market.

The second strategy has more criteria: DY (a minimum of 5), current ratio (a minimum of 200), quick ratio (a minimum of 50), interest-bearing debt equity ratio (a max of 50) and pretax profit growth rate versus fifth last year (no minimum and maximum value). The last criterion is to check if a particular stock has increased its profits throughout the years.



Overall, I feel that this screener has more features than the FT Equity Screener. Sometimes, the results from these two screeners can be different but not too far apart. Since this is a Malaysia-based platform, I will use Rakuten Trade Stock Screener as my primary screener now.


Referral link

Below is the referral link to Rakuten Trade. As I am involved in Rakuten Trade Educator Program, by clicking on this link, I may gain referral rewards from your registration with the platform once certain condition is met. (2022: I am not longer involved in the Educator Program).
If you think I have done a good service in explaining the topic, please click on the link below if you are interested to register. Otherwise, you can always search Rakuten Trade Malaysia with Google and register yourself.

Rakuten Trade: Link here

*You may earn 500 RT points when you open an account or other account opening rewards being offered by Rakuten Trade. You may choose only one of them.


Recommended book

If you are interested in The Little Book that Still Beats the Market, you may get the book from The Book Depository through the link below*.

*Disclosure: The above link is Involve Asia affiliate link. Thus, I may earn a small commission when you purchase the book through this link.


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