Rakuten Trade (RT) Fee Revision 2023: Lowest in Town?

rt fee revision 2023

Rakuten Trade (RT) has revised its brokerage fee recently. It boasts that it has the lowest rate in town. So what are the changes?

RT fee revision 2023 

For trades less than RM 700.00, the brokerage fee is 1%, with a minimum of RM 1.00. It means that if you trade RM 100.00 worth of shares, the fee is RM 1.00. The fee for trade between RM 700.00 – 9,999.00 is now RM 9.00. The fee for trades between RM 700.00 – 999.00 has increased from RM 7.00 to RM 9.00.

Range of brokerage fees

The brokerage fees now range from RM 1.00 to a maximum of RM 100.00. The maximum fee remains the same.

My opinion regarding the revision

A fee of RM 1.00 is really the cheapest in town but we have to look at the fine print. It is only applicable for trade up to RM 100.00. I think most trades are more than RM 700.00 if we trade in board lots, so this revision actually is an increase in fee.

Nonetheless, I do make trades that are less than RM 700.00 sometimes. So this change would be beneficial for me. During my cursory check, I found that Affin Hwang eInvest Go has a fee of RM 5.00 for trades less than RM 10,000.00. I think this is the lowest fee for normal trading that I have ever encountered. However, I do not have this account, so I am not sure how it works. If you are using this trading platform, do let us know your experience in the comments section.

I still find its interface to be user friendly and I could easily extract most data that I need from Rakuten Trade. Since my trades are normally more than RM 1,000.00, I think this change would not affect me that much. Thus, I will still continue to use this platform.

So, what do you think about this fee revision? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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