Rakuten Trade (RT) Points Update 2023

rt points update 2023

I just noticed that there had been some changes to Rakuten Trade(RT) Points. The changes were made in June 2022.

RT points categories 

The points are classified into two categories now. 

Category 1 is RT Points earned from first deposit, share transfer-in and stock trading. These points last for 12 months and can be used to offset brokerage fee and/or convert to affiliate points. Its affiliate partners are AirAsia BIG, BonusLink and Boost. B Infinite is no longer a partner. Each RT Point is equivalent to 1 point on any of these platforms.

Category 2 is RT Points earned through referral programme and ad-hoc campaigns. They can only be used to offset brokerage fees. Besides that, the points in this category are only valid for one month.

RT Points from brokerage fee

Previously, for every RM 2 brokerage fee, we will receive 1 RT Point. It is now 1 RT Point for every RM 1 brokerage fee.


With these changes, I find this reward system not so rewarding now. I think that most users will use RT Points to offset brokerage fee. The good thing is that when we offset the brokerage fee with RT points, we still can earn RT Points on this fee. All in all, I think these changes have no effect on me as RT Points is not the reason I trade on this platform.

However, do remember to use the RT Points earned and don’t let it expire!

Referral link

Below is the referral link to Rakuten Trade. If you think I have done a good service in explaining the topic, please click on the link below if you are interested to register. Otherwise, you can always search Rakuten Trade Malaysia with Google and register yourself.

Rakuten Trade: Link here*

*You may earn 1000 RT points when you open an account.

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