ToledoTrade Trading Platforms

ToledoTrade is a foreign broker that I am using to invest in US exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Today I am going to talk about the trading platforms it offers. ToledoTrade has a total of four trading platforms. They are Client Portal, Handy Trader, ToledoTrader and ToledoTrader Pro. All the platforms can be accessed from ToledoTrade webpage by hovering over the Log In button and choose the respective platform, except for Handy Trader and ToledoTrade Pro.

Client Portal

ToledoTrade Client Portal uses the same interface as Interactive Brokers (IB). Thus, you can refer to IB website for its feature (Link). We can check the details of a particular stock and trade on this platform.

My point of view (POV): For me, this platform has a pleasant interface and easy to navigate.

Handy Trader

This is a mobile app available for both iOS and Android. This is also developed by IB (Link). Essentially, it is a trading app for investors. If you are tired of waiting for SMS of authentication code each time you log in (which can be quite slow sometimes based on my experience), you should download this app and register for the two-factor authentication. After registration, you can authenticate all login sessions through the app, instead of waiting for the SMS. The authentication can be done through Face ID or fingerprint technology, other than the PIN.

My POV: I mainly use this to authenticate the login sessions only.


Again, this uses the same interface as IB Webtrader (Link). According to ToledoTrade website, this is the simplest desktop trading platforms. It has an uncluttered trading interface, yet still provides advanced trading features and tools.

My POV: ToledoTrader is like the common web-based trading platforms in Malaysia. You will get used to it once you have used it for a few times.

ToledoTrade Pro

This is a software that has to be downloaded and installed on our computers. It is an advanced and fully customizable platform. ToledoTrade Pro provides a lot of features and I am still learning to use all these features. Again, it is from IB too (Link). The version from IB has two views: Mosaic and Classic Trading. But Classic Trading is not available in ToledoTrade Pro.

My POV: This is the most complicated platform among the four. Nonetheless, we can customize this software to our preferences.

Differences between the platforms

The table below shows the instruments that can be traded on each platform.

trading instruments on different platforms

The two tables below show the differences in features between the four platforms.

Trading tools 1
Trading tools 2

My Preference

Since IB is ToledoTrade clearing firm, it is understandable that the platforms are all from IB. However, each platform is still branded as ToledoTrade, instead of IB.

Out of these four platforms, I will recommend Client Portal for its user-friendly interface. For me, it is the easiest place for me to look for information. Another platform that I am using is ToledoTrade Pro. Though it is more complicated, the advantage is that I can customize it to my liking. If you are using Toledotrade, just try every platform and see which one you like the most.

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