Foreign Stock Trading: The Low Cost and Direct Way

Are you interested to diversify outside Malaysia? 

Would you like to invest in the US stock market?

However, you

  1. do not know how to do it? 
  2. find the fee charged by local brokerages to be exorbitant?

Then Foreign Stock Trading online course will help you to overcome these obstacles. In this course, I will share with you the platforms that I use to trade US exchange traded funds (ETFs). These platforms can also be used to trade US stocks. Besides that, I will also give you some websites that I use to look for ETFs.

After taking this course, you will:

  1. choose a foreign broker,
  2. fund the trading account,
  3. look for investable ETFs, and
  4. buy US stocks or ETFs.

There are 7 videos in this course. After completing this course, you will know what to look for in a broker and some ways to reduce the cost of funding the trading account.

So, are you ready to take the course now? Click the Buy Now button to purchase the course at the price of RM 249.90.

RM 249.90

The course will be shared to you via Google Drive after payment. Do provide your gmail account at the checkout page to access the course.