Investing in Malaysia 101: The Basics

Investing in Malaysia 101

Are you planning to invest on Bursa Malaysia but do not know how to start?

Or you already have a trading account and had made some transactions but the amount payable is always higher than what you expected?

Then Investing in Malaysia 101: The Basics is intended for you!

What you will learn in this course:

  1. The stock exchange, 
  2. The accounts required for trading stocks, 
  3. The associated fees and charges, and
  4. Calculating the true purchase price of your stock.

I have kept this course short and simple. In less than 15 minutes, you will have a basic knowledge on Malaysia stock market and know what are the differentiators between the brokerages. Furthermore, you will know why your true purchase cost could be higher than you think.

Important: In this course, the trading account that I am referring to is cash account.

What this course does not teach:

  1. How to pick stock
  2. How to read annual reports
  3. How to trade stock 

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RM 39.90

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