Resources For Researching Foreign Exchange Traded Funds

When I was researching the exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the US market, I have used some websites to help me. In this article, I will share these resources. I will list down these websites in alphabetical order.

I use this website (Link) to get a list of all ETFs for a particular country from every exchange in US. The list includes some important data such as asset under management (AUM), expense ratio, 3-month total return and segment. This site helps me to filter out unqualified ETFs.


Google is my primary search engine. Every research starts from here. Furthermore, the information about benchmark indices from MSCI and FTSE Russell can be directly accessed from the search results in PDF format.


I use GuruFocus (Link) to find the historical price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of the ETFs. However, it appears that the P/E ratio data are only available from 2016 onwards.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance (Link) is the website that I use to get the 52-week high and low prices of the ETFs. Besides that, we can also get a fund’s historical prices in the Historical Data tab.

ETF managers

As each fund has its own manager, I also got information from the respective websites. These include Charles Schwab Investment Management (Link), Franklin Templeton (Link), iShares by BlackRock (Link) and Vanguard (Link). Most data of the funds are provided on these websites. However, iShares lack the market price of their funds.


The resources above provide tremendous help to me when I was looking for potential ETFs. If you are searching for foreign ETFs to invest in, I suggest you to use these websites to make your life easier. Sometimes, we will need to use a few resources to get a complete picture about an ETF.

Do you have better resources for foreign ETFs? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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