My P2P Investment Performance Review 2022

P2P Investment Performance Review 2022

My investments are still on the same three peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms. They are Capsphere, Fundaztic, and Funding Societies Malaysia. The results are as on 30 September 2022. In this article, I am going to follow the formulae of the previous year which you can see down here.

The formula that I am going to use to calculate total return is as follows:

Total received profit ÷ Total capital employed

To calculate for annualised return, I am going to employ the following formula:

(1 + total return)(1/N) – 1

where N is the years of investment

To calculate my default rate, the formula is:

Total default remaining principal ÷ Total invested amount


My investment started in September 2020. The total return from this platform is 19.23%. My annualised return is 9.19%. I have one defaulted note on this platform and the default rate is 1.34%.


I have invested on this platform since July 2017, so this is the fifth year. I have restarted to invest on this platform after my review last year.

My total return on Fundaztic equals to 124.38%. This translates to an annualised return of 17.54%. My annualised return has dropped compared to last year.

My own default rate is 13.58%, including write-off. It has been increasing throughout the years.

Funding Societies Malaysia

This is my first P2P lending platform. I started investing here since June 2017.

My total return on this platform is 50.23%. It is equal to an annualised return of 8.48%. The annualised return has dropped slightly compared to last year.

My default rate on Funding Societies Malaysia has also increased to 2.63%.


To simplify the comparison, I am going to put the returns and default rates in the table below.

PlatformTotal ReturnAnnualised ReturnDefault Rate
19.23% ↑9.19% ↑1.34% ↑
124.38% ↑17.54% ↓13.58% ↑
Funding Societies Malaysia50.23% ↑8.48% ↓2.63% ↑

The returns on these P2P lending platforms are still better than the ASNB fixed-price funds. Based on the result, P2P lending represents an investment with good return for me. My total return from P2P lending platforms is 53.15%, roughly equals to annualised return of 8.90%.

I only activated the auto-investment function on Capsphere but not on the other two platforms. This is because I have more confidence on the asset-backed notes on Capsphere and its default rate is the lowest. It seems like Capsphere is the best among the three based on its risk and return. But it does not have a lot of notes to be invested like the other two platforms.

I am going to continue my investment on these three platforms. Overall, I am satisfied with my returns from these P2P lending platforms.

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