Rize Campaign Extension: Till End of the Year

rize campaign extension

Rize has announced that it will extend its deposit campaign till 31 December 2023. With this campaign extension, we would have more months to earn high interest.

High interest rate

In this deposit campaign, the first RM 5,000 is eligible to a profit rate of 5% p.a. The subsequent amount will get a profit rate of 4% p.a.

Activation campaign

I received the RM 20 within 1 week after account activation. This campaign will end on 20 July 2023 and the reward is limited to first 20,000 customers only. But since I managed to get the reward at the end of last month, I think that there are still some spots left to claim the reward.

Too many notifications

One gripe that I have is the app has too many duplicate messages. When I click on the notification icon, the page is filled with duplicate fund transfer messages. The same message is being sent for a few days. I think this might be a bug.

Still a work in progress

I would say Rize app is still a work in progress. Its functionality is still quite limited. I have tried its deposit and withdrawal functions and it works like a normal banking app. The money is transferred instantly through DuitNow. Since it fulfils its purpose as a digital bank and is giving high profit rate, I am willing to tolerate its shortcomings and hope that it would improve in the future.

Are you interested in Rize? Go to this page (Link) to learn more about this digital bank.

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